Andero Kalju


The institute of Chemistry carries out scientific work in different fields. 

Chair Head Contact
  1. Chair of Analytical Chemistry Ivo Leito
  2. Chair of Inorganic Chemistry Terje Raudsepp
  3. Chair of Bioorganic Chemistry Ago Rinken
  4. Chair of Physical Chemistry Enn Lust,
  5. Chair of Chemistry Education Heili Kasuk 
  6. Chair of Chemical Physics Peeter Burk
  7. Chair of Colloid and Environmental Chemistry Kaido Tammeveski
  8Chair of Molecular Technology Mati Karelson
  9. Chair of Organic Chemistry Jaak Järv
10. Chair of Applied Electrochemistry Alar Jänes
11.Chair of Neuropsychopharmacology Jaanus Harro

Contact details for the staff of the chairs can be found on the "Contacts" page.

Gunnar Nurk grupipilt

In January Gunnar Nurk became a professor of high-temperature energy materials at the University of Tartu in the Institute of Chemistry

Jaak Nerut õpetamas

In January, the Institute of Chemistry welcomes a new professor of electrochemistry – Jaak Nerut  

Kolma teadlast laboris hoidmas käes saabunud katseplaate.

Early interest in chemistry and natural sciences brought Tõnis Laasfeld the main prize in the 2023 National Research Competition