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The University of Tartu Institute of Chemistry is a centre for higher education and research in the field of chemistry. We educate top specialists at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels and also offer opportunities for self-improvement through further education. Cutting-edge research is conducted in eleven chairs, ranging from molecular biosciences to the development of modern energy technologies.


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Ronald Väli, an alumnus of the University of Tartu's Institute of Chemistry, talks about his studies at the Institute of Chemistry and abroad, and the usefulness of a chemistry education.
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From 12 June, the University of Tartu’s Study Information System (SIS) features a new student dashboard, which brings important information for learners together in one environment.
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The podcast “Tiksu to UniTartu” shares insights and tips to help future international students thrive at the University of Tartu. New episodes are release every Tuesday.
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The Estonian development company LDI Innovations has now completed the Fluo Reader device, which detects a large portion of upper respiratory tract infections, including the coronavirus.