Katri Smitt

Viljandi Culture Academy

Posti 1
71004 Viljandi linn,
+372 435 5232

General information

Postal address     TÜ Viljandi kultuuriakadeemia, Posti 1, Viljandi 71004
Registration code (University of Tartu)      74001073
Secretary      435 5232
Press contact      5348 4306
Administrator      435 5250
IBAN (University of Tartu)      EE781010102000246008
VAT payer     EE100030417
Transaction partner code     605201
UT Erasmus ID code      EE TARTU02


Sending an invoice

We only accept e-invoices. To send an invoice, enter the University of Tartu registration code 74001073 in the e-invoice environment and add "Viljandi Culture Academy" in the invoice explanation.

Reevo Maidla
Reevo Maidla
Head of Administration
MA (Entrepreneurship and Technology Management)
+372 5167 870
Anu Maidla
Secretary (employment contract suspended)
Maarja Raudvee
Academic Affairs Specialist
Sound and Visual Technology (MA), Teacher of Arts and Technology (MA)
+372 434 5805
Margit Simenson
Academic Affairs Specialist
Performing Arts
+372 435 5246
+372 526 2515
Taivi Mölder
Academic Affairs Specialist
Music (Professional Higher Education; block-mode study)
+372 434 5807
Heli Nurme
Specialist in Academic Affairs
Culture Management (Professional Higher Education)
+372 5310 1611
Lembe Rätsep
Academic Affairs Specialist
Estonian Native Crafts (Professional Higher Education) - Estonian Native Textile, Creative Applications of Cultural Heritage (MA)
+372 435 5249
Kadri Roht
Academic Affairs Specialist
Community Education and Hobby Activity (Professional Higher Education), Choreography
+372 432 0298
Marge Robam
Formal Education Coordinator
MA (Art Teacher)
Specialist in Academic Affairs of MA ''Creative project management''
+372 5300 2207
Liana Roos
Coordinator of Science Activities 0.5 p
MA (Adult Education)
Piret Talur
Programme Director of Community Education and Hobby Activity 0.5 p
MA (Social Work)
+372 5422 0542
Marek Mühlberg
Manager of Business Incubator, Programme Director of Management of Creative Projects
MBA (Entrepreneurship and Technology Management)
Krista Tamm
International Relations Specialist
+372 435 5231
+372 5300 2782 (2782)
Eero Ehala
Specialist in Stage Technology and Prop-Making
+372 5346 5213
Villu Talsi
Lecturer 0.5 p
MA (Traditional Music Performer - Musician)
Ave Matsin
Lecturer in Estonian Native Textile, Programme Director
MA (Art)
+372 526 2510
Marek Talts
Lecturer in Rhythm Music Guitar
MA (Teacher of Arts and Technology)
Kristi Jõeste
Lecturer in Estonian Native Textiles 0.75 p, Programme Director for Creative Applications of Cultural Heritage
MA (Semiotics and Culture Studies)
+372 520 0340
Riina Tomberg
Lecturer in Estonian Native Textiles and Product Development 0.5 p
MA (Arts and Cultural Anthropology)
Liina Unt
Lecturer in Performing Arts Visual Technology 0.5 p
PhD (Art and Design)
Astri Kaljus
Lecturer in Estonian Native Textile 0.75 p
MA (Native Crafts)
Christi Kütt
Lecturer in Estonian Native Textile 0.75 p
MA (Arts and Cultural Anthropology)
Marko Mägi
Lecturer in Rhythm Music Theory, Programme Director
MA (Teacher of Music)
+372 5635 8103
Mart Soobik
Lecturer in Didactics of Technology 0.25 p
PhD (Educational Sciences)
Anu Sööt
PhD (Educational Science)
+372 520 9424
Madis Rennu
Junior Lecturer in Native Craft 0.75 p
MA (Ethnology)
+372 502 3176
Piret Viirpalu
Junior Lecturer in Art Education Methodology 0.25 p
MA (Pedagogy)
Jorma Sarv
Junior Lecturer in Culture Management 0.5 p, Programme Director for Culture Management
Diana Tuulik
Junior Lecturer in Materials Studies 0.5 p
MBA (Service Design and Management)
Lennart Peep
Junior Lecturer in Stage Directing 0.75 p
MA (Theatre Research)
Merle Saarva
Junior Lecturer in Bodywork and Improvisation 0.5 p
MSc (Health Sciences)
Virgo Sillamaa
Junior Lecturer in Management of Creative Projects 0.5 p
MA (Public Administration and Innovation)
Anu Rannu
Junior Lecturer in Culture Management 0.5 p
MA (Cultural Management)
Indrek Ikkonen
Junior Lecturer in Jewellery
MA (Creative Applications of Cultural Heritage)
Tiiu Tamm
Junior Lecturer in Performing Arts Production 0.5 p, Programme Director
MA (Theatre Research)
+372 524 6543
Piret Eit
Teacher 0.75 p
MA (Youth Work and Social Equity)
Marko Veisson
Teacher in Sociology and Cultural Anthropology 0.35 p
MA (Sociology)
Riin Luks
Teacher of Youth Work Management 0.5 p
MA (Literary Science)
Kadri Tüür
Research Fellow 0.5 p
PhD (Semiotics and Culture Studies)
Juko-Mart Kõlar
Juko-Mart Kõlar
Lecturer in Creative Entrepreneurship and Management (employment contract suspended)
PhD (Management)