Safety information

Occupational safety

Safety 10 commands

  1. Find evacuation routes and study evacuation rules!
  2. Make sure the location of the main electricity switch in the laboratory and how to switch it off!
  3. Read through and time to time refresh your memory:
  4. Investigate the instructions of the use and safety of the used apparatus!
  5. Make sure the safety rules of the consumed reagents! (NB! New reagents are sold with safety sheets, read then through!)
  6. Make sure where is located in the laboratory the first aid box and investigate the procedures of the first aid! When necessary turn to unit first aid provider 
  7. Before you start to do something, think about the (possible) consequences!
  8. Take care about the safety of the other people!
  9. Keep cleanness in the laboratory; wear safety goggles and protecting clothing!
  10. Avoid scattering of flammable substances and their presence near hot objects! (NB! The vapors of flammable organic substances can blast even due to the spark caused by the static electricity!)

Work environment commissioners (safety managers) in Tartu University (only for staff members)

Occupational healthcare and safety (only for staff members)

Safety information:

In a case of an accident or a danger

  • assess quickly if you can/are able to solve the situation fast;
  • if not, then evacuate and warn the others about an accident or a danger

Call to emergency centre by phone No. 112

Information about fire safety can be found from the intranet

Behavior in the case of fire, document (ravila_14a.pdf) available only in Estonian:


Fire safety rules

Prevention of building fires 

When you detect fire 

Evacuation and rescuing of people 

Heating devices 

Home fire safety 


General safety information

Advises of rescue department 

Occupational healthcare and safety documentation (only for staff members)


Chemicals and their handling

Chemicals law 

Occupational environment chemical danger factor limits (document available only in Estonian)

Occupational Health and Safety Act 

Occupational health and safety requirements for work performed by pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding


Safety signs

Requirements concerning the provision of safety signs in the workplace

Safety signs (in Estonian)

Safety signs in the laboratory

Meanings of science laboratory safety symbols and hazard signs

Lab safety symbols 


Radiation safety

Requirements for radiation safety training for exposed workers and radiation safety officers


Gunnar Nurk grupipilt

In January Gunnar Nurk became a professor of high-temperature energy materials at the University of Tartu in the Institute of Chemistry

Jaak Nerut õpetamas

In January, the Institute of Chemistry welcomes a new professor of electrochemistry – Jaak Nerut  

Kolma teadlast laboris hoidmas käes saabunud katseplaate.

Early interest in chemistry and natural sciences brought Tõnis Laasfeld the main prize in the 2023 National Research Competition