Chair of Chemical Physics

Chemical physics is a discipline that studies chemical phenomena using atomic and molecular physics methods. The main branches of chemical physics are

  • molecular and electronic structure research,
  • investigation of the spectral properties of substances; and
  • study of the dynamics of chemical processes.

The Chair of Chemical Physics was founded at the University of Tartu in 1993, and the first holder of the chair was Member of Academy Endel Lippmaa. Peeter Burk has been a professor of chemical physics since 1993. The main directions of the Chair's research have been related to the computational study of chemical processes. Computational research was initially focused on the study of gas-phase ion-molecule reactions, and later on the study of zeolites and organometallic lattice (Dr. Kaido Sillar), through quantitative structure-property relationships, including physical, chemical and biological properties (). nanoparticles) modeling (Dr. Kaido Tämm) and investigation of the mechanisms of organic and organometallic reactions.

Main directions of research

  • Investigation of gas-phase acid-base equilibria
  • Computational study of reaction mechanisms
  • Modeling of physical, chemical and biological properties through quantitative structure-property relationships
  • Investigation of gas phase equilibria between alkali metal cations and organic molecules
  • Investigation of the absorption properties of zeolites and organometallic lattice Investigation of novel B-N compounds in proton transfer reactions and as potential hydrogen scavengers

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