Industrial Master's Program for students

Industrial Master's Program is a practical educational program that brings together master's students from the University of Tartu's Institute of Chemistry and companies looking for a new generation of chemistry specialists.

  • The program adds value to both the company, the student, and the university.
  • It enables the student to obtain a master's degree while simultaneously preparing for a career.
  • The student receives a scholarship.

Industrial Master's Program is not a separate master's program - students enroll in the University of Tartu's Chemistry Master's program. The program is open to 1st-year students of the Chemistry Master's program who wish to combine teaching and professional work.

The program starts in the second semester of the first academic year and concludes with the defense of the master's thesis in June of the second year.

Timeline of The Chemistry Industrial Master's Program
  • An excellent opportunity to combine academic knowledge with practical work experience.
  • Participants in the Industrial Master's Program receive a monthly scholarship of 500–900 euros.
  • The thesis is developed by the student and the partner company on a topic related to the analysis and implementation of specific company development trends.
  • Upon completion of the program, the student possesses practical experience in working for a company, making them more competitive in the job market. Up to half of the credit points are earned through activities related to the partner company.

Students in the Industrial Master's Program collaborate with the partner company based on a personalized curriculum, during which the student's academic knowledge is applied to advance important practical research and development directions for the company. During the time spent with the partner, approximately 8–24 hours per week must be dedicated to practical tasks and writing the master's thesis.

Participating in the program and the more extensive internship module requires significant commitment and excludes studying abroad (unless a specific internship abroad is agreed upon with the partner company).

Students accepted into the program cannot apply for other scholarships, except for need-based scholarships and travel support.