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Measurement Uncertainty online course: 914 participants from 98 countries

On Tuesday, March 21, 2023, the web course Estimation of Measurement Uncertainty in Chemical Analysis was launched for the tenth time as a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course)!

Kursusel osalejate päritolu

Currently, 914 participants from 98 countries are registered. In the map presented above, the yellow colour marks the countries where participants come from. True, the map is coarse, and some countries are small. Therefore, not all countries are visible. We are delighted that we have two participants also from Ukraine this year. Slava Ukraini!

The entire course material is accessible from the web page The course materials include videos, schemes, calculation files, and numerous self-tests (among them also full-fledged measurement uncertainty calculation exercises). To pass the course, the registered participants have to pass six graded tests and get a higher than 50% score from each of them. These tests are available to registered participants via the Moodle e-learning platform.

This course is run under the umbrella of the Estonian Center of Analytical Chemistry ( It forms a part of the measurements and chemical analysis related master programmes at UT: Applied Measurement Science ( and Excellence in Analytical Chemistry (



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