Quality label awarded to seven e-courses of the University of Tartu

Eight e-courses created at the University of Tartu were submitted to the contest “E-course quality label 2015”. Seven of them were considered worthy of the quality label. In total, 40 e-courses of different higher education institutions, vocational schools and general education schools were submitted for evaluation, 23 of which received the quality label.

The quality label was awarded to the following e-courses of the University of Tartu:

  • Estimation of Measurement Uncertainty in Chemical Analysis (Ivo Leito, Irja Helm, Lauri Jalukse; Faculty of Science and Technology)
  • Social Aspects of Information Technology (Laur Kanger, Faculty of Social Sciences and Education)
  • English for the Students of Humanities, Level B2.1 (Liina Tammekänd, Faculty of Philosophy)
  • English for Upper-Intermediate Learners, Level B2 (Liina Tammekänd, Faculty of Philosophy)
  • Leisure and Recreation (Liis Juust, Pärnu College)
  • Basic Functions of the Mind (Andero Uusberg, Marika Rauk, Pirko Tõugu, Gerly Tamm, Mihkel Joasoo, Taavi Kivisik, Kertu Saar, Kaisa Hunt, Helle Kaasik, Kerttu Petenberg, Anu Einberg; Faculty of Social Sciences and Education)
  • Social Problems in Virtual World (Piret Luik, Faculty of Social Sciences and Education)

In total, from 2008 to 2015, 65 e-courses of the University of Tartu have been awarded the quality label.

Additional information: Lehti Pilt, Head of the Educational Technology Centre, Lifelong Learning Centre, Phone 737 6306, lehti.pilt@ut.ee.

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