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University of Tartu launches a new podcast for international students

Today, the University of Tartu released a new podcast for our future international students. The podcast “Tiksu to UniTartu” shares insights and tips to help future international students thrive at the University of Tartu. Hosted by Vincent Arata, a current international student from the USA, the podcast will release new episodes every Tuesday throughout the summer.

The podcast creates a new communication channel with future international students, addressing common concerns and questions about living in Estonia, finding accommodation, learning the Estonian language, navigating student life, etc. The goal is to help them make their move to Estonia as smooth as possible. 

The name "Tiksu to UniTartu" reflects the university's beloved mascot, Tiksu, and the Estonian word "tiksuma", which means to hang out or chill with friends in a laid-back way. This podcast aspires to be a friendly, informative space where future students feel welcomed and supported.

"Tiksu to UniTartu" is tailored specifically for newly admitted students and applicants. Each episode will delve into different aspects of life at the University of Tartu, offering valuable information for those planning to study abroad. Listeners will also hear current students' personal stories about their university journeys.

Topics in the first season include: 

  • Arriving in Estonia and finding accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Learning the Estonian language
  • Daily student life and the opportunities available at the university
  • Sports, study mobility, and other extracurricular activities
  • Understanding the Estonian healthcare system
  • Tips on finding work in Estonia

The first two episodes will launch on 4 June 2024. The first episode features an interview with Kateryna from Ukraine, who shares her experience discovering the University of Tartu and her reasons for choosing to study here. The second episode focuses on learning Estonian and how it can enrich the student experience.

The "Tiksu to UniTartu" podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcast and Amazon Music.

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